Tools Used By Domestic Electricians in Different Situations

Domestic electricians include a lot of tools in their inventory to solve electrical problems. Of these, some are conventional tools and others are included as a protective measure against different types of electrical hazards. Anyway, if you are in Sydney or the suburbs and planning to hire a residential electrician, make sure he is carrying the necessary tools. 

Now, let’s dive into the tools that they carry and use in different situations.

1. Electrical Tester

It is one of the most common tools that a domestic electrician in Sydney or Bankstown will always carry. This tool helps to check if there is a flow of electricity in a wire, in an electrical point or a device or an appliance.

Just by placing the receiving end of the tester on the wire or a device, the electrician can easily determine if the flow of electricity is present before they can start the repairs.

2. Circuit Finder Device

This is a nifty tool that helps detect the location of circuits in your home, and as you can guess, it saves a lot of time for residential electricians.

They just plug the transmitter of the finder device in an electrical point and the detector will find the circuit directory.

3. Multimeter Device

This is another device that the electricians in Parramatta and Ryde use.

This device can effectively check current, voltage, resistance etc. and is hence a very useful tool for electricians. In fact, modern multimeters are loaded with features that allow digital screening to make testing more convenient for electricians.

4. Wire Stripping Tool

Electricians might have to use strip wires during installation of appliances or for repairing and this is the tool that helps them in doing so. 

The wire stripper can cut wires or the insulation from an electrical wire. Some strippers also allow trimming of different wires for electrical purposes.

5. Screw Drivers

One of the most important tools that domestic electricians use is the screwdrivers.

This tool helps in assembling as well as disassembling different appliances and devices and helps to repair circuits as well as other electrical instruments. An example is, during the hot water installation in Sydney, an electrician will require the screwdrivers to install the holder and the appliance itself.

6. Pliers

Another tool for cutting the wires from different angles is the pliers as they help in the cutting of different types of wires diagonally and from the side.

This tool has a good grip and can be held comfortably by the electrician.

7. Utility Knife

For cutting small wires or unscrewing small devices, nothing can match the utility knife. In fact, it is considered an all-purpose tool. Another advantage of the knife is that it is small and can be easily carried in the toolbox.

8. Torch

For repairing or detecting the problems in a darker area, the torch is the best tool and hence, most domestic electricians always carry a torch.

So, these are a few common tools that residential electricians carry. There are a few others too and we will discuss them some other time.

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